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(02) 8599 9863

Independent Property Valuers - Real Estate Consultants
Take advantage of our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE. We guarantee that we’ll beat any genuine competitors written quote by 10%.*.
Contact Us
(02) 8599 9863
PO Box 682
495 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest NSW 1585
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Providing advice since 1997, the experienced valuers at Valuations NSW are Registered Property Valuers and Real Estate Consultants based in Sydney, New South Wales. Our valuers can provide you with independent residential property valuations, commercial property valuations, specialised property valuations, property consultancy and general property advice throughout Sydney and the greater metropolitan area. Valuations NSW is an independent company that provides property valuations Sydney and consultancy relating to all property types.
Our Property Valuers Sydney are familiar with your area and where necessary will explain recent sales and the property valuation Sydney process.

We are leading  property valuers Sydney, covering Sydney and the greater metropolitan area including, Sydney CBD, Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, Parramatta, Upper North Shore, The Hills, Liverpool, Cantebury-Bankstown, St. George, Sutherland Shire, Wollongong, South Western Sydney and Western Sydney. We provide property valuation Sydney for a wide variety of property types, such as:
For a wide variety of purposes, such as:
We at Valuations NSW do not sell real estate or act as property sales agents. This ensures that we provide unbiased property valuation and advice without fear or favour – and always act in your best interests.

Valuations NSW is able to ensure complete confidentiality to all clients. As government registered property valuers and members of the Australian Property Institute (API) we follow the API's Code of Professional Practice, Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct. Our property valuers undertake Continuing Professional Development studies through the API regularly.

Valuations NSW staff are fully system trained and have the local experience to provide each individual client with a reliable answer to their valuation questions. We maintain an ongoing training program to ensure our business develops with the times and embraces all manner of technology, specifically those which will assist improving our service level to our clients.
Our Property Valuers service all areas within Sydney and across New South Wales , including the following:
Sydney Property Valuers
At Valuations NSW we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients for commercial and residential property valuation Sydney.
Liverpool Property Valuers
Liverpool is Australia's fourth oldest town behind Sydney, Parramatta and Hobart. Unlike these cities, you can now enjoy free quote for property valuation Liverpool

Blacktown Property Valuers
Blacktown's diverse land use also continues to attract developers and retailers to the largest quantity of zoned and serviced industrial and commercial land throughout NSW.
Fairfield Property Valuers
While mainly residential, the City contains large-scale industrial estates at Wetherill Park and Smithfield. Please call for an accurate property valuation fairfield

Parramatta Property Valuers
Parramatta is already the CBD of Western Sydney and is geographically the only centre likely to aspire to second CBD status. Our Sydney valuers can assist you with your property valuation Parramatta needs.
Penrith Property Valuers
Penrith is a city on the western fringe of the Sydney metropolitan area, in east central New South Wales. Don't hesitate to call us for property valuation Penrith.

Chatswood Property Valuers
Chatswood is predominantly a residential area but also has substantial industrial and commercial areas. We offer free quotes for property valuation chatswood
Hawkesbury Property Valuers
Located in the Hawkesbury River Valley, Hawkesbury City Council is the largest Local Government area in the Sydney Metropolitan region, NSW Australia. Call us for property valuation Hawkesbury

Contact Us
(02) 8599 9863
Suite 902/50
Margaret Street
Sydney,NSW 2000
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